Sustainable Shetland

Sustainable Shetland currently has over 826 members at 01/05/2012. The vast majority of our membership is Shetland based.

We are a democratic organisation, run by and for members. Together we will stop this damaging and dangerous wind farm proposal. By working together, sticking together and with each member helping in which ever way they are able.


We first met on 26 February 2008. The aims of the initial invite meeting was to see if any basis existed for forming a group. Within 3 meetings a name, objectives, constitution and initial plan of action had been agreed.

Membership is £1, and is open to anyone who supports our broad aims and objectives:

To oppose plans for very large wind farms in Shetland, such as the Viking Energy wind farm development.
To support renewable energy projects in Shetland which are fit for scale and fit for purpose.
To support social, environmental and economic sustainability in Shetland

As members we believe:

  • That the proposed Viking Energy project would be damaging to the Shetland environment.
  • That the proposed Viking Energy project exposes our community funds to unacceptable financial risk.
  • At present we are concerned that a direct electrical connection from Shetland to the UK mainland would result in the wind farm industrialisation of hilltops throughout mainland Shetland.
  • That the integrity of Shetlands environment, landscape, archaeology and society are important, and should not be treated as mere commodities.
  • That man-made pollution and man-made climate change pose serious risks to ourselves and the environment.
  • That Shetland should promote and support efforts at reducing energy consumption, and support economic and environmental sustainability.

Launch of Sustainable Shetland

Our Open Meeting of 26 March 2008, in the Bixter Hall, will be the first public event of the group.

We aim to be as democratic and inclusive as possible, the organisation belongs to its members. In order that members can see how we operate, and how they can play an active part in the group, we make our constitution available here for all members to see. (download / print as PDF file, 23kb)

We understand that we are one group amongst many concerned or opposed to Viking Energy windfarm plans, and we share having a desire for a more sustainable Shetland.

Our first ever meeting

On Tuesday evening February 26th 2008 an initial meeting was held of what is hoped to be a counterbalancing viewpoint with regard to renewable energy policy in the Shetland Isles.

With twenty people in attendance, the unanimous aim of the group is first and foremost to oppose the Viking Energy windfarm proposal and any subsequent large scale development involving an interconnector cable and export out with Shetland. The concerns regarding such large scale development being both environmental and financial.

The group recognise that renewables must play a part in how we live in the future, however it is essential that these are fit for scale in the landscape and should be based on smaller community schemes, wind to heat etc, and a proactive energy conservation policy. With this in mind the group has adopted the name ‘Sustainable Shetland’.

With regard to industrial scale development we aim to provide a balanced information source, with a view to establishing exactly where public opinion in Shetland lies. An example of what we would be asking for is a scale model of the Viking Energy proposal for public display.

Similarly we would envisage information gathering and tapping into whatever expertise is available with regard to community-based fit for scale projects.

We aim to operate as a steering group meantime, a public meeting will be advertised in the near future to gauge what level of support we can expect. Dependent upon the outcome a more formal constituted group will be set up.

The group meeting consisted of the following people: -

Billy Fox, Quarff.
John Anderson, East Burrafirth.
Robert Anderson, Tresta.
Phil Smith, Hillswick.
Rosa Steppanova, Tresta.
James Mackenzie, Tresta.
Jim Nicolson, Lonabrek, Aith.
Jim T Nicolson, Upper Garths, Aith.
Allen Fraser, Hamnavoe.
Drew Anderson, Tingwall.
Kevin Learmonth, Scalloway.
Frank Hay, Voe.
Joy Tait, Walls.
Wendy Fraser, Tresta.
Jim Fraser, Tresta.
Jim Georgeson, Aith.
Victor Gray, Aith.
Oliver Cheyne, Aith.
Jim Moncrieff, Aith.
Alex Grant, Whiteness.