About Shetland

Shetland is a group of islands about 200 km north of Scotland. It is home to 22,000 people, and has some of the most dramatic landscapes, seascapes in the world. In 2007 National Geographic travelers magazine described it as one of the world's top unspoilt island destinations, ranking it third out of 111 islands surveyed by a panel of 522 sustainable tourism experts.

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This cluster of more than 100 islands sits like a jewel between the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Plans to develop a massive 150 turbine wind farm in Shetland would have a detrimental impact on the perception of Shetland as unspoilt islands. Tourists who visit and appreciate Shetland for its natural unspoilt landscapes may be much less likely to visit. People who live in Shetland, and those still to come in the next 25 years, would lose an important part of their cultural heritage: a landscape of sea, hill and uninterrupted hilltop skyline.

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