How you can help

Donations and fundraising

Financial appeal for Judicial ReviewWe need your continued help in raising money for the legal costs of our Judicial Review which resulted in Lady Clark of Calton’s judgment in our favour. Since the Scottish Ministers are going to appeal we will need funds to be represented at the appeal court. Although we have been awarded costs the appeal puts payment on hold. Whatever you can donate, we need it now.

Sustainable Shetland runs entirely on volunteer effort. We have no paid staff. No office. The only expenses reimbursed are postage, some stationery and hall hire. For everything else, like travel, telephone and other expenses, these costs are met from committee members own pockets. In short the organisation is run on a shoestring. In contrast, Viking Energy spend tens of thousands of pounds of Shetland Charitable Trust money, – on promoting their project. Their award last year of £6.3m from Shetland Charitable Trust apparently included a £250,000 budget to spend on PR.

With your support we can help level this unequal playing field. We need your money. We need your help in raising money for Sustainable Shetland.

Cheques made payable to Sustainable Shetland can be sent to our treasurer:

Sustainable Shetland
c/o Rosemary Machlin, Treasurer.

Direct bank payments

You can pay money directly into our bank account by telephone banking, e-banking, bacs or at any Royal Bank of Scotland branch. This is our preferred donation method as we don't pay transaction charges, but is less suitable for international donations. Our account details are:

Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland
Account name: Sustainable Shetland
Sort code: 83 24 22
Account number: 00601662

Please add some kind of identifier such as your name so we can figure out who is making the donation. If you like you can drop us an email saying who you are and how much you have donated.

Pay us via Paypal

Quick and easy, you don't need a paypal account to make a donation, but we do have to pay Paypal transaction fees on your donations so if you can a bank payment is our preferred donation option. You can make a Paypal donation to sustainable shetland with your credit or debit card.

Sustainable Shetland membership

PDF membership formMembership is open to anyone 12 years or older, who supports our aims and objectives. You can read our constitution here.

We are a democratic organisation and joining gives you a chance to participate in our decision making process; help us decide on what we do and how we do it. Membership also gives us a mandate to act as a group representing many members of the community. Membership is already over 820 people. For a total population of only 22,000 this probably makes Sustainable Shetland the largest membership organisation in the isles. Membership is helpful, participation is even better!

Join Sustainable Shetland

Membership is £1, but if you can afford it we would love it if you could make it £5, £10 or £15 as an additional donation.

By becoming a member you are able to stand for any position in the group, take part in elections, influence the direction and decisions of the group, help make the group more representative and effective in its aims and objectives. It's your organisation!

membership form is here.