Shetland march and rally

Red throated diver and chickWhatever your own reason for opposing the Viking Energy windfarm, this could be your last chance to make your voice heard before the Scottish Energy Minister makes his decision on whether or not he gives the scheme planning permission, or orders a Local Public Inquiry

People in Shetland are not opposed to suitably sited and environmentally sensible windfarms, but the Viking Energy plans are none of these things.

Saturday 19 February. 11:30. Market Cross. Lerwick

Route: Market Cross – Commercial Street – Harbour Street – Town Hall

Rally in the Town Hall with tea, coffee, bannocks and homebakes, as well as information tables, chat, open mic, pictures and the chance to join Sustainable Shetland if you aren't already a member.

The Town Hall is open from 11am, so if you can't physically manage the walk, you can wait and join us there.

What's it all about?

Viking Energy Partnership want to build one of Europe's largest windfarms in the Shetland Islands. Shetland has no national grid connection. Their project for 127 turbines, each up to 145m tall, will have a detrimental impact on bird life, affect thousands of acres of fragile habitat, permanently change a historic landscape, damage quality of life for people living in and near the windfarm, and endanger community funds.

We believe the overwhelming majority of people in Shetland oppose this scheme. Supporters are very much in a minority. Initial figures from the planning authority, the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit, demonstrate this.

Individuals and organisations formally objecting: 2736

Individuals and organisations expressing support: 1114

71% of responses opposed the development, 85% of all responses came from Shetland

What can I do to help?

  • Come along with family, friends and neighbours on Saturday to show your care for our environment.
  • Never been to a protest march before? Neither have most of our committee. This will be a peaceful and fun day which will help make a serious point.
  • Make your own sign - heavy cardboard from boxes works well.
  • Offer someone without transport a lift into the town.
  • Need a lift - with over 770 members, there's a good chance we have a member near you! Email or phone us.

  • Contact us to help distribute posters or flyers in your own area.
  • Bring a plate of homebakes or bannocks to share!

  • Musical? Drums and whistles add to the atmosphere. Get together with friends and see what you can come up with!
  • Take video clips and pictures on the day and upload them to YouTube, Facebook and the like - or give us a copy and we'll do it for you. The more people know about what's being proposed here, the more chance we have of stopping Viking Energy.

Don't leave it to someone else to make your voice heard - do it for yourself, and join with the rest of Shetland in saying no to Viking Energy.