RSPB wind farm and birds

RSPB have announced today, 24/3/09, that as a new policy they will not raise objections to wind farms out with areas they describe as not in conflict with wildlife. They recommend the use of sensitivity maps to identify these areas where large scale wind developments would be in conflict with wild life. The maps below were commissioned by RSPB in Scotland in 2006. Source publication (PDF format, 1.36MB) is available here at RSPB Scale Click for larger image of RSPB bird sensitivity Scotland map RSPB Shetland bird sensitivity map

As you can see, the darker the area, the more sensitive bird life is to development. Shetland, proposed site of largest wind farm in Europe, is very dark. As stated in the RSBS own reports, the main concerns are "notably collision mortality and disturbance displacement". The problem is that windfarms, especially the construction phase, adversely affects birds, especially species such Red Throated Divers.